Upper Castle - Hauenstein
8. − 11.9.2022

About Hauenstein castle

The origins of Hauenstein castle are still unknown. It was probably built in second half of 13th century as a part of border fortifications. The best architects of their time placed the castle in the middle of a mountain wilderness, creating absolutely unique and romantic place on the top of the hill, right above the river Ohře. The composition of its name (Haue - axe, mace, and stein - rock, castle) shows that there was an extraction of iron ores.


The castle was rebuilt into a Romantic style after the year 1837, when it was appropriated by the Buquoy family. During the WW2 the castle was used as a Hitlerjugend center. After the WW2 the castle was confiscated and given to the government, but since there was noone to take care of it, it started to decay. After the year 2000 the castle was appropriated by mr. Palacký and the reconstruction began.


You may notice a small chapel located near the castle. The Hornohradská chapel is placed on a hill above the castle (465 m). The only thing rescued from its interior was one wooden bench. During the reconstruction, new benches have been made, there are exhibitions now in the interiors. Inside the chapel there is a wooden statue of St. Wenceslas, which has been carved for a pilgrimage of Peter "Hippo" Binder to Vatican, where it was blessed by the Pope.