Castle and Fort Jindřichovice
14. − 17.9.2023

Foods, T-shirts and more!



🍽 With happy feelings, we’ve added Meals to the Furrstein webpage! Go check them out and be sure to order some if you haven't already, because they are delicious!

If you already ordered meals, navigate yourself to My Food page to select your preferred variant. Don’t forget to save your choosing at the bottom of the page! Each lunch comes with soup and each dinner with a vegetable salad.,

👕 With deep sadness, we have to cancel the brown T-shirts as there was too little interest in them and manufacturing such a small amount of T-shirts wouldn’t be financially meaningful. 

If you’ve already ordered (and paid for) the brown T-shirt, you have two options: we’ll secure the green T-shirt for you in the same size as the brown one. If you want it, you can keep it, if you won’t, we’ll refund you the cost of the T-shirt on site. 

🛏 With mixed feelings, we would like to announce that there are still free spots at the Castle! (We’re happy that you can still join us, but sad because there could be more of us!) 

If you want to enjoy a true historical Castle and feel like a noble lord living in a 17th century Castle, don’t hesitate one single bit! We have knights, a mediaeval lunch, trip to another fancy Castle, self-service bar and much more! Altogether with a funny Congame, all of the above will be situated into Robin Hood - Men in Tights theme! 

Come and enjoy this unforgettable experience, and bring your fursuits and your friends as well! We have enough space for both!

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