Castle and Fort Jindřichovice
5. − 8.9.2024

Frequently Asked Questions



When will the registration open?

Registration will be open 29th June 2024, 20:00.


Can I cancel and obtain a refund for my paid registration?

Registration fee is used to cover the cost of the con including advanced payments. Therefore, the fee usually cannot be refunded. However, it is possible to transfer the registration fee and a place at the accommodation facility to another attendee if approved by organizers. The financial matters between the original and the receiving attendee are the sole responsibility of the original attendee. Also, the receiving attendee will receive all commitments of the original attendee (including room sharing). Use the Contact Form to initiate this process.


I am not 18. Can I also participate?

Unfortunately, not. The consite is strictly accessible for people over the age of 18, with no exceptions. If you reach the age of 18 by 5th September 2024, you will be allowed to join the consite. Please contact the orgateam first using the contact form found on the website.



When do I have to transfer the payment to KRAZ z.s.

Within 10 days of approved registration. If you do not, your registration will be cancelled without prior notice. The time will begin from the day following your registration approval, starting at 00:01 and ending after 10 days at 23:59. You can repeat the registration after this time, but you risk no longer having an available place.


How will I know about my payment status to KRAZ z.s.

Within 3 business days, you will receive an email confirming your payment for registration along with other instructions.


Something has happened and I can not pay within 10 days of registration.

In that case, please let us know as soon as possible using the contact form on the website. We will consider each situation on a case by case basis. Otherwise, registration will be cancelled 10 days after registration approval.


Is it possible to pay using a credit card at the convention?

No, local Barn accepts only cash. However, you'll be able to open a tab and pay all your expenses there at the end of the con.


Con was cancelled, what to do?

Please remain calm and wait for the e-mail from orgateam, where the date and details about your refund will be specified.


If the con will be cancelled due to an unpredictable events (such as exceptional government regulation) the refund might be shortened by a part of already incurred costs for the event itself in cases of partial or full cancellation. However, we’ll always try to send you back the highest amount possible (also see Registration rules).


I only have a bank account listed under Russian / Belarus bank. May I sent a payment from it?
Unfortunatelly, no. Due to current international restrictions, we’re forced to refuse any payments incoming from the Russian federation and Belarus countries.



From what time is it possible to arrive at the consite?

Arrival is possible from 15:00 CEST.


By what time do we have to depart from the consite?

Rooms will need to be vacated by 11:00, the official closing of the event is at 14:30.


Where can I park?

Parking is secured at the parking lot near the Jindřichovice fortress.




What meals will be available at the convention?

Breakfasts are included in the basic registration package and will be served in the Castle's Banquet hall. Lunches and dinners will be served in the Fortress's Barn.


Will there be beer and lemonade on tap?

Your full refreshment will be secured by Fortress's Barn, where a selection of beers from local mini breweries, rare tapped Dolská mead, and original Czech Kofola limo will be available. A self-service bar with Bernard beer on tap will be also available at the Castle.




What are the general rules for registration and behavior at KRAZ?

Full version of the binding rules can be found here.


Will there be a “headless” lounge at the consite?

For the needs of fursuiters, headless lounge will be provided on the convention, where you can dry your furry self, relax and refresh yourself. Refreshments in this room will be complimentary for fursuiters.


Will there be a shuttle on the consite?

Yes, see the section How to get here (Castle and Fort Jindřichovice).


Can I bring my dog? What will I need?

Pets are allowed in the whole fortress, but only in the Apartment 1 in the Castle. 


Will be WiFi available at the consite?

Yes, the Castle and the Fortress have a free WiFi.


How do I upload a picture for my conbadge?

You can upload the image manually from your personal page (on the website), where you can enter the name and password.


The image used must meet the following conditions:

  • Supported formats: JPEG, PNG (transparency will be ignored), GIF, TIFF.
  • Maximum size: 2 MB
  • Recommended dimensions: 1125 × 1500 px (W x H, aspect ratio 3:4). Images will be adjusted to the correct size and eventually cropped. Too small picture will be probably blurred when scaling up. In your own interest, upload big enough images.