Upper Castle - Hauenstein
8. − 11.9.2022

Sponsors at Furrstein

Are you still wondering whether to support Furrstein or not? This page might help you decide.


We didn't choose the Hauenstein castle by accident. It's layout and surroundings are perfect for our plans, which counts with creating a comprehensive set of games that'll guide you throughout the whole con.


The last (zero) year was a testing one, when we learned much about how you like the consite and what to change for next years to come. We realized that bringing a unique experience to a con was a move in the right direction. For the next years, we'll try to bring even more fun and more unique experiences into our one and only consite. Who wouldn't want to meet your friends at a medieval castle, full of mysteries, feasting, mead barrels and fighting knights. The orgateam watched with a tear in their eye how participants climbed the castle tower in a search of mobile signal. We found out that the knights won't rust on a light rain, that we'll need more mead barrels, and that no banner is enough for the castle tower.


We believe, thanks to all of this, that Furrstein was worth the try, and it's next years will be great for the participants and passers-by as well. Do you know about game competitions such as Fort Boyard or La Piste de Xapatan? Did you ever want to try them on your own? You might have a chance. Our thematic congame, The Keys of the Castle Lord, which will be based on these game competitions mentioned above, will be perfectioned from year to year to come, bigger and better every time, and we hope that you'll enjoy all of our fine ideas.


Unfortunately, we won't be able to do so without our sponsors. Requisites for the congame are not cheap and as you might already know, running a con is not a profitable activity. All of the participation fees go for the food, accommodation, equipment of the con itself, rental fees for public spaces, or to our knights, taking care of your entertainment. To develop the con further, we need sponsor contributions. For those, we have some thankful rewards.


This year's sponsors will receive a free t-shirt. Besides that, they'll be given a group photograph with Mortis Knights in historical armor (and will have the possibility to try it on their own). To secure their calm lunches and dinners, there'll be a table reserved just for them in the banquet hall. And to make sure they won't catch a cold during the night, they'll be given a priority right to choose rooms. On top of that, we'll throw in a sponsor-coloured lanyard and a full registration package. We also promise to keep Shitty as far away from their dining table as possible.


The prior room selection for sponsors will be available until 29th June 2021, 21:00 CEST. Don't forget that the payment must be approved by organisers in order to let you choose your room, so don't hesitate.