Castle and Fort Jindřichovice
5. − 8.9.2024

Castle and Fort Jindřichovice

First note of the village comes from 1381, when Drha, also called Černobýl (after the Artemisia vulgaris herb) or Dobrohost (freely translated as a good host) died here. Sezima Prostibořský (good luck pronouncing this if you are not Czech) rebuilt the fortress to a two-winged castle in the second half of the 16th century. The round tower is the only thing left of the original fortress. Storks are annually nesting on top of it. Janovští from Janov owned the farmhouse from 1689 to 1796. They built a brand new baroque castle right next to the old renaissance one in the first half of the 18th century. Both castles are separated by a thin street. The castle is shaped like a letter L. Longer arm of the building neighbours the former farm buildings of the manor’s yard. Both buildings were decaying quite a lot up until 1989, but now both of them are carefully renovated by their private owners. There is also a St. Wenceslaus chapel from the second part of the 19th century and St. Anne chapel in the village. 

Jindřichovice castle

Castle, located next to the fortress, was built in second half of 18th century. Castle's apartments (link in czech) are equipped with stylish period furniture and contain everything you might desire to spend pleasant moments with your friends here. Arched hall with a hearth on the ground floor serves as a relaxing space with self-service bar tap. If you wish to experience the true life of the aristocracy, don't hesitate and accommodate here. 

Picture: Jindřichovice castle, official website

Jindřichovice fortress

Being a mid 14th century fortress with period equipment, Jindřichovice fortress has been proclaimed a national heritage. It's current form comes from a renaissance renovation from years 1618 - 1621. Since that time, no major adjustments has been done to the building, making it one of the most major  and best conserved early renaissance buildings in Czechia. Don't miss out on an opportunity to be accommodated in a place where history walked through.

Picture: Toanir

How to get here

Jindřichovice village, where our Castle and Fort are located, is located about 140 km southwest from Prague, 15 km from royal city Klatovy. Travel to Jindřichovice is possible via train to Klatovy station (the rest of the railroad is currently undergoing maintenance). From the Klatovy station, a free shuttle to the consite at pre-planned times will be secured. 

All information about the shuttle will be sent to you via e-mail after your successful registration under the condition you choose Shuttle Klatovy when you register. You will be then contacted via e-mail for specifying your arrival time. 

Many of you will arrive in their own vehicles. Since the parking lot is not limitless (and gas is not free), we advise to fine some travelling buddies for carpooling using our official Telegram chat. Parking lot is secured on the Fort’s courtyard.

Picture: Jindřichovice castle, official website

Address: Jindřichovice 24, 34142 Kolinec - Jindřichovice, Czechia (Beware, those are Jindřichovice in the Klatovy region, not the ones in Carlsbad/Karlovy Vary region!)

GPS coordinates, 49.297553N, 13.393892E

GPS coordinates, 49.297553, 13.393892