Castle and Fort Jindřichovice
5. − 8.9.2024


To enhance your experience here, we've prepared two different accommodation styles for you: a castle and a fortress. The total accommodation capacity is a 84 beds.

Jindřichovice castle

Castle's apartments are situated on the ground and first floor of the castle, consisting of 2 - 4 bed bedrooms. Each apartment is equipped with a small kitchen and a common area.

Ground Floor

Apartment 1 - Apartment on the Ground Floor with equipped kitchen/living room, 2 bedrooms (4+2 beds), social facilities, accessible for a dog, barrier-free access

1st Floor

Apartment 2 - Apartment on the 1st Floor with equipped Kitchen/Living Room, 2 Rooms (4+3 beds), social facilities

Apartment 3 - Fully equipped Kitchen with a Dishwasher, Living Room with seatings and a Balcony, 3 Bedrooms (4+3+3 Beds), 3 Social Facilities, Gallery hallway

Apartment 4 - Apartment with equipped Kitchen/Living Room, 4 Beds, Social Facilities

Apartment 5 - Double-bed Room with equipped Kitchen and Social Facilities

Apartment 6 - Apartment with equipped Kitchen/Living Room and a Balcony, 2 Bedrooms (4+2 Beds), 2 Social Facilities

Apartment 8 - Double-bed Room with equipped Kitchen and Social Facilities

Apartment 9 - Apartment with equipped Kitchen and Social Facilities, 4 beds

Apartment 10 - Apartment with equipped Kitchen and Social Facilities, 4 beds

Jindřichovice fotress

You can expect stylish chambers (link in czech) with 2 - 5 beds with a shared space. Social facilities occur on each floor multiple times, same goes for common areas. 

Ground Floor

Chamber 1 - Five-bed Apartment with a Fireplace, seatings, Social Facilities and a Kitchen. This apartment is the most architecturally valuable space in the whole fortress.

Room A3 - Three-bed Room with common Social Facilities in Chamber 4.

Chamber 4 - Apartment with a Stove, 2 Bedrooms (4+2/Fold out sofa/) and common Social Facilities with Room A3.

1st Floor

Chamber 2 - Apartment with a spacey Kitchen, Living Room/Bedroom with a Stove and seatings, one double-bed room, 2 three-beded room and one four-bed bedroom, social facilities.


Chamber 3 - Apartment with a kitchen, a fireplace and seatings, one double-bed room, one triple-bed room and one four-bed room, social facilities.

Room A2 - 1 double-bed room

If you choose a room where you will be alone, you must choose a roommate within 96 hours. Otherwise you will be automatically evicted from the room.

Pets are allowed in the grounf floor fortress, but only in the Apartment 1 in the Castle. 

Common areas

The castle and the fortress are located next to each other, which allows our attendees in either accomodation style usage of the following common areas freely.


Former stables, currently a medieval tavern, is situated right next to the fortress. Enjoy the fun fully within the period approriate surroundings of a medieval fortress with an option to visit a bar where - among others - the local breweries beer, Dolská mead and Kofola will flow. The barn is also the place where lunches and dinners will be served.

Large castle hall

This hall used to hold the nobles' social life in the form of various banquets and balls. We will host our typical buffet breakfasts here every morning so that you can charge up for a new day full of whims and entertainment.

Arched hall with a hearth

This is a common room within the walls of the Castle. This area will hold a self-service tap and provide space for soft-form of entertainment such as playing board games, being a bookworm or holding a fruitful discussions with your friends about everything and nothing.

Castle garden

Among other areas the castle offers a lovely park with a pond and calm spots for winding down and relaxation. Avoid swimming in the pond and use the designated swimming pool instead. The garden will also host our swordsmens encampment.

Headless Lounge

Sole room in the left part of the castle designated for drying out your weary furs and providing you soft snacks and refreshments. The lounge will be guarded 24/7 by our security camera.


Last but not least, the castle also offers you a sauna and hot tub, available as a separate rentable option. Hourly rate is 500 CZK. Reach out to our staff should you have inquiries about the service.