Castle and Fort Jindřichovice
14. − 17.9.2023


Breakfasts, being prepared for you by the Castle’s owners, will be prepared in a form of a banquet in the Large Castle Hall. It will consist of a large variety of cold and warm meals as well as beverages.

Lunches and dinners will be secured by M&P Catering Klatovy, a professional catering service. Meals will be served to you in our period Barn, adjusted as a tavern. Due to our very specific needs, we will be able to know the specifics of the meals only after the end of the July. No need to worry though, it will still be possible to order and pay for the full board even after that. You can also order it right now as well - meals selection will always consist of meat and vegetarian variant - and change it later. Lunches will consist of a main course and a soup, dinners of a main course and fresh salad.


Serving of the food 

08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast (Castle -  The Ballroom)
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch (Fort - Barn Medieval Tavern)
18:00 - 19:00 Dinner (Fort - Barn Medieval Tavern)


Thu 14.9.2023

Dinner:  Pork rib with bacon, steamed rice

                Pork schnitzels, potatoes, tartar sauce

VEGE /    Baked gnocchi with grilled vegetables and cheese


Fri 15.9.2023

Lunch:  Pork roll with mushrooms, rice

              Chicken steak with ham and cheese, baked potatoes

              Chicken strips with vegetables salad and dressing, toasts

VEGE /  Farm vegetables salad with fried egg, toasts

Dinner:  Chicken noodles à la Chinese, vegetables, steamed rice

                Fish & Chips, tartar sauce

                Mexican tortilla with chicken strips and a mix of lettuces

VEGE /    Tortilla with three kinds of cheese, vegetables and dressing, mix of lettuces


Sat 16.9.2023

Lunch:  Tartar Azzu, potato dumpling

               Pork skewers with red onion, baked potatoes, mustard

               Chicken strips with vegetables and dressing, toasts

VEGE /   2 boiled eggs, dill sauce, bread dumpling

Dinner:   Pork steak with vegetables risotto

                 Italian chicken roll, mashed potatoes

VEGE /   Vegetables risotto with roasted fresh champignons and grated cheese


Sun 17.9.2023

Lunch:  Šumava feast (smoked ham, pork steak, sausages and onions), steamed sour cabbage, bread dumpling

               Pork schnitzel in cheese dough, potatoes, tartar sauce

               Chicken strips with vegetables salad and dressing, toasts

VEGE /  Fitness salad with beetroot, niva cheese, apples, dressing and baguette