Castle and Fort Jindřichovice
5. − 8.9.2024


Mentioning Scotland, most of you will probably visualize Scottish Bagpipes, Kilt (or scottish skirt), Scottish Dice, Whisky or Haggis (traditional Scottish meal). And those visualisations are exactly what the sixth year of Furrstein will be about!

Highland Games

Scottish games are undoubtedly a cultural heritage of Scotland and we prepared for you not only the traditional version of them, but also a version for our 2-legged furriends. Both variants will run independently, each on a different day. We will check not only your strenght, but also your wisdom and agility. Come try the traditional disciplines of Scottish games, for example log throwing, launching the haystack as high as possible with prongs, boulder throwing, cannonball throwing and many more. The traditional version of the Highland games is honored, so do not hesitate, because you can experience this only with us!


Picture: Daniela Preiszlerová (IG: @draw.dp)

SHG Kumpanie Calderone

Noble and exceptional knights of the group of the Swordplay Historical Group, Kumpanie Calderone, will take care of your entertainment. Examples of historical armor, magnificent fights and knighthood will accompany you for the whole time you will spend on such magical place as Jindřichovice are. Do not be afraid to address our knights, they definitely won't bite you and they might even show you something extra. Knights from SHG Kumpanie Calderone will be your conductors in both versions of Highland games. 

You don't have to be afraid that we said goodbye to our, and surely your favourites, too, from SHG Mortis and Královští Žoldnéři. These 2 groups recently merged into one, which requested a new name. Meet Kumpanie Calderone.


Picture: Daniela Preiszlerová (IG: @draw.dp)

Traditional Scottish Dances Lectures

Try out the traditional verson of the Scottish dances for individuals and groups. Do not hesitate and come try out this social entertainment, which will be anything but boring and might even teach you something new. Dancing or other motor skills are not required. Dances are really simple and truly everyone can learn them.

Picture: Free license

Gustation historical feast with commentation

For this year, we have again prepared for you, in cooperation with SHG Kumpanie Calderone, gustation slice through food of inhabitants of Scottish highlands, hardened by the never-ending winds, with rich commentary. Are you interested in what the life in medieval and later times looked like? Do you want to experience the real Scottish cuisine? Then we have something exactly for you! A four-course feast prepared just for you, with the help of authentic sources and periodical equipment, during which we will introduce you to meals and drinks of a typical inhabitant of Scottish highlands. You can even look forward to genuine and not-fake Haggis! 

The price is set to a pleasant 700 Kč, if you chose the full pension, or 900 Kč, if you didn't choose food. There is a limit of 20 people for this gustation experience, so do not hesitate, as you can directly support the group SHG Kumpanie Calderone.


Picture: Daniela Preiszlerová (IG: @draw.dp)


Archery was a popular hunting sport in past times, often the only way of getting meat. Even though these times have mostly passed (and we definitely advise against shooting at the peacocks), many of us are still interested in this beautiful practice - which you can now try at Furrstein! You will be given a brief introduction to the basics of archery by Sofa, which will also lend you her bows (under the assistance of our helpers, to ensure safety of both of you and your immediate surroundings).


Picture: Daniela Preiszlerová (IG: @draw.dp)

Dragon's Lair

Our tavern Dragon's Lair invites you to sit among its periodic backdrops, where you'll be able to taste delicious draft beer from craft brewery at Kamenice nad Lipou, refill your energy with traditional draft Kofola, or warm yourselves up with our lifegiving mead elixir, brought to you exclusively from Dol. You shall be served with delicious lunches and dinners from our already verified catering company from Klatovy. And we surely cannot omit our lovely, friendly, great and quirky bartenders!


Picture: Daniela Preiszlerová (IG: @draw.dp)


If you'd wish to experience a true relaxation, visit the castle's SPA. Comfy hot tub and a sauna awaits you there. Entry can be reserved for a fee of 500 CZK (to be paid on site, cash only).

As an addition, an outdoor pool in the Castle's garden is also available, completely free of charge. 


Picture: Jindřichovice Castle, official website

Outdoors activities

Surroundings of the Jindřichovice Castle and fort directly encourage you for trips or hikes around, and we'd like to present you with our favourite tips for doing so:


Velhartice castle

Velhartice castle was founded between the 13th and 14th century as a home palace of the Budětice kin. It is one of the most beautiful castles of Southern Czechia, so it'd be a shame to keep it a secret from you. Since there are beautiful surroundings and the castle is only about 5 kilometres away, we'll be taking a walk there.

Picture: Velhartice castle. official website


Srní Visitor Center

The Visitor Centre presents animals native to our surroundings, currently living and extinct both. The biggest attraction of it is definitely the wolf's coop, 3 ha large, with an elevated pathway leading through it's very middle, in the height of about 4 - 5 meters with many observation points. 

Picture: Visitor center Srní. official website


Catacombs of Klatovy

We can find a unique rarity in nearby Klatovy - crypts under the Jesuit church dedicated to the immaculate conception of the virgin Mary and St. Ignác, today known as the Catacombs of Klatovy. According to their builder's plans, they became a resting place for many members of the jesuit's order, aristocracy, army and citizens alike.


Picture: Klatovy catacombs. official website


Rábí Castle

is the largest castle ruin in Czechia. It is a unique landmark of gothic architecture, standing over the Šumava's river Otava.

Picture: Rábí castle. official website